MS Economics

Program Introduction


The economy of Pakistan is facing many economic challenges. Dr. Hassan Murad School of Management at UMT plans to play a significant role to cope with the challenges by producing academically and technically more qualified human power in Economics.

Our MS Economics is intended to produce and train the graduates to undertake applied economic research and prepare them to render their services as economic analysts to the country’s national and international departments. In our MS Economics program, we develop rigorous quantitative research skills (i.e. readily available to be utilized in academia, think tanks, and policy institutes). We also train them to pursue their Ph. D.s in national and international universities. We are linked with national and international research and policy institutes, so we provide exposure to students to public officials via invited guest speaker lectures, industry visits, seminars and webinars. We engaged our graduates for practical learning and experience at international institutes, as we are collaborating with the Institute of Transport Economics, University of Muenster, Germany

Our MS Economics program is a 2 years study and research program. The first year is dedicated to advanced-level knowledge and skills training that aims to develop solid theoretical and econometrical skills by offering them advanced macroeconomics, microeconomics, and advanced econometrics courses. In the second year, students opt for specialization courses that provide them an in-depth understanding of core economic issues and models, get prepare them for formal economic research in specialized filed. In the fourth semester, students demonstrate their learned knowledge and skills in economic analysis and dissertation writing.

Career Prospects

Our Graduates are ready to join the national and international departments such as central banks, financial institutions, international consulting firms, NGOs, and private sector corporate and consulting firms. Another aim of the program is to produce more qualified teachers for degree colleges and universities. The BS (Honors) program of a four-year duration has already been launched at many degree colleges in Pakistan. According to the latest information, BS(Hon) program has started in 26 top colleges in 12 districts of Punjab, therefore, the demand for teachers having MS degree in Economics will definitely enhance accordingly as Economics is opted as a major by most of the students in social sciences group. An additional aim of this program is to enhance the competitiveness of UMT graduates in Economics so that they have an edge not only in Pakistan’s labor market but also they can compete for jobs in the international labor market like graduates of internationally recognized universities.

Program Details

2 Years

First division or 2.00 out of 4 CGPA or 50% in the annual system (MA/MSc ) Economics, Ag.Econ. or Business Economics.) Equivalent Degree in Economics after 16 years of education from an institution/university recognized by HEC.

GAT(General)/ UMT Graduate Admission Test(at least 50%)

Admission Interview by UMT

No third division in the entire academic career

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