Spring Admissions 2019



Are you sick and tired of finding out an ideal place for studying in Pakistan? Where you can meet your future and fulfill your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Let us introduce you to the University of Management and Technology (UMT), an established international brand of imparting world-class quality education, promoting research and awarding you a degree, which works for you in every part of the world, be it Europe, Canada, Middle East or USA. This University has been built on the land area of 200+ kanal in the heart of Pakistan, which is capital of the Punjab, Lahore. More than 18000+ UMT alumni are spreading across the globe, in United States, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Middle East, Azerbaijan, Finland, Turkey and many other countries of the world. UMT has institutional linkages with the world’s top universities such as George Mason University, USA, and its faculty members have been teaching in several of European universities like Heidelberg University, Germany. We have 600+ faculty members and 160+ are PhDs holders, 150+ degree programs, a state-of-the-art library having 130,000 books and 300,000 online sources, 19 schools and institutes of which one international Institute of Knowledge and Leadership (IKL) is in Dubai.

If you’re looking for world-class quality education, we recommend you to apply to the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore.

Here are top ten reasons why should you invest in UMT education:

1. A University in the Heart of Lahore

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is located in the historical and cultural city of Lahore. Built on 200+ kanal of land in the heart of posh area of Johar Town, UMT enjoys a vibrant culture, peaceful and friendly environment, nearby markets and all modern facilities, which can be explored in a big city.

2. Peace and Security

UMT has installed a heightened security system at campus and residential apartments for its students. No entry is made to premises of the university until identity cards issued by the administration are shown. Security cameras, CCTVs and scanning machines are working on all corners of the varsity. Parking area for vehicles is also administered by high-alert guards so that no suspicious movement be allowed in. Your security is our top priority and there’s no compromise on it. You will recieve a home like atmosphere filled with love and care from all sides.

3. Quality Education

Gone are the days when quality education was considered a 'production' of European universities only. Today, requirements of the brave new world are quite different and because of competition, institutions around the world have developed their bases professionally and quality is being ensured in all academic programs. UMT education which is embellished with quality and ground-breaking research is being imparted in highly positive, conducive and friendly environment. Teachers in classrooms connect knowledge with real-life facts and make sure students receive up-to-date, latest information along with practical exposures. Foundation and summer courses help students out to overcome their drawbacks of past academic life and replace them with the necessary skills.

4. A Degree that Pays you Back

Getting a degree from University of Management and Technology in any discipline is a very good idea, because UMT degrees are recognized internationally and they help you in finding out attractive jobs or starting off your own business. With a UMT degree in your hands, you will feel proud of yourself that you made the right decision as the degree pays you back, what you invested for. Thousands of our graduates and their parents have showed 100% satisfaction ratio over UMT degrees as they are being considered by recruiters during job interviews. A Japanese delegation during a visit told the UMT managment that people who have received UMT education are doing successful businesses in Japan. Same stories of success have been told by our alumni spreading in Turkey, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Belgium, France, Korea, Azerbaijan, Germany, Australia, UK, USA, China, Canada, etc.

5. Scholarships

UMT thinks highly of talented and hardworking students and rewards them in a number of ways. Merit based scholarships are given away at the time of admission while the need-based financial assistance is available during the course of study. There is no admission fee for the alumni. Rector and Deans Awards are another form of appreciating the talented students and granting them scholarship while keeping their academic performance in view.

6. Do you want to be a 'Global Graduate'?

If you get yourself enrolled for any degree program here at UMT, you'll be educated and trained in a way that you meet all requirements of international education standards and you're going to prove yourself as a 'global graduate' who could easily adjust him/herself to any overseas environment. UMT education system is functioning according to the international standards and we follow exactly the same curriculum of what is taught in European, Australian and US universities. Our graduates are better performers in professional world. In fact, there is no difference between studying at UMT and to that of studying in any best university of Europe, Canada and USA; but opportunities for learning and gaining leadership skills are in abundance here that you might not come across anywhere.

7. Life at Campus and Widespread Learning Opportunities

UMT has a very healthy, rich, and friendly environment at campus. Life looks good when you meet amazing people and befriend with them. At UMT Campus, you will find many local as well as international students who are very friendly, cooperative and kindhearted; you'll enjoy having fun with them on certain traditional days such as Eid, Spring Festival, 14th August, 23rd March, Food Festival, Fashion shows, Easter, Christmas and many more. There are vast playgrounds, neat and clean cafeterias with hygienic and healthy food, modern hostel, students clubs and societies which organize a number of activities like debate competition, writing contest, music, movies, dramas and recreational tours to historical places. Moreover, UMT has its own FM Radio Station, Campus TV, newspaper, modern library, magazines, and social media; all this stuff is set to provide you with fun and learning opportunities. On the other hand, conferences, seminars, workshops, and motivational lectures are held from time to time,to engage students in learning activities. In short, there is a rich lively culture of learning more about life and career prevailing over here, which you will enjoy a lot.

8. PhD Faculty

All our teachers are highly experienced and competent individuals; they hold PhD degrees from world's top-notch renowned universities. You will enjoy being here and you'd learn a lot by interacting with our faculty who have depth of knowledge and inspirational skills to show you the real world of academia.

9. Knowledge, Power and Leadership

While you are here with us, our solely focus will be to equip you with necessary life skills and empower you with knowledge, with modern technology and stimulate leadership skills in you. UMT focuses on producing leaders of every field and motivates them to deeply drink from the fountain of knowledge, obtain knowledge power and in the end lead the world. Today, our graduates are serving in a number of national and international companies and all of them are on the top positions. All this has been made possible because of our individual attention to each student and we consider him or her as a unique individual who can make a difference.

10. Producing Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

UMT accepts applications on the basis of merit and we don't orient our students to be job-seekers,rather we teach them ways to be job-creators, i.e. entrepreneurs who have to start off their own business, or set up after completing studies from here. We believe that entrepreneurship is not merely bounded with business education; rather every student be he or she enrolled in Arts and Humanities is an entrepreneur and we can train them, coach them and thoroughly guide them to succeed in the market.

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