MS Islamic Banking and Finance

Program Introduction

Islamic Banking and Finance is an expeditiously growing industry nationwide which is facing a severe shortage of trained and skilled workforce resulting in a discreditable reputation for the Islamic banking industry not only nationally but internationally as well. The MS Islamic Banking and Finance program is designed to produce highly skilled and qualified workforce to move into key positions in the Islamic financial services sector. The degree is envisioned as a pioneering educational and training program for participants to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to win a distinguished place in the emerging global market of Islamic banking.

The Institute of Islamic Banking at UMT is offering a two-year MS Islamic Banking and Finance degree program. This degree program provides the relevant education and training in all aspects of the operation of Islamic banking.

The MS degree program equips participants with relevant experience in the field of Islamic banking and helps them to acquire knowledge and training for a career in Islamic Banking and Finance. Additionally, the program trains executives desiring specialization in Islamic banking in expanding banking and financial institutions, and to provide opportunity for graduates in related disciplines to prepare them to enter the ever expanding job market in Islamic Banking and Finance.

The participants after successfully completing the MS Islamic Banking and Finance degree program are competent for a wide variety of positions in Islamic banking. The graduates are able to secure jobs in both public and private educational institutions, research organizations, State Bank of Pakistan, and commercial banks. Additionally, the graduates are able to secure and hold different positions in various Federal and Provincial ministries.

Program Details

2 Years

HEC recognized 16-years degree in Finance, Banking, Economics and Islamic Studies or equivalent with minimum 2.0 CGPA or 60% marks in annual system

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