MS Chemistry

Program Introduction

Chemistry is the study of a micro world comprising of atoms and molecules, from simple diatomics such as N2 to proteins and nucleic acids. Chemists are the molecular architects, the builders, and the surveyors of the natural landscape in this world, which has nanometer dimension. The Chemistry faculty members strive to produce a new generation of chemical science professionals, prepared to become leaders in research, teaching and industry. In our graduate program, you will be engaged mainly in research, the most stimulating part of chemistry: the synthesis of new compounds, discovery of new reactions, elucidation of reaction mechanisms, uncovering of new principles, understanding naturally occurring substances, or working out theories of chemical bonding or reactivity, providing knowledge that will be written into the textbooks for your successors to learn about. The program requires students to take a broad spectrum of courses, and develop applications in diverse applied areas. 

Program Details

2 Years

The candidiate must have 4-year Bachelor or Equivalent Degree in a relevant discipline with minimum 2.50 CGPA or 60% in annual system. 

The candidate must have passed NTS (GAT) with a minimum score of 50% score or UMT Entry test.