MS in Biochemistry

Program Introduction

Biochemistry program 2024 is undergoing resurgence as detailed mechanistic understanding of biological processes becomes increasingly necessary in academia, industry, and medicine. Current biochemistry-related courses range from biophysical studies of protein structure and conformation to theoretical simulations of protein and nucleic acid. Structural transitions to studies in the regulation of biochemical pathways in cultured cells and animals and the biochemical basis of human diseases. On account of the rising demand for individuals with extensive biochemical training, the Department of Chemistry at UMT has launched a graduate program in Biochemistry. The program is open to students who want to update their theoretical preparation or to test their disposition toward academic training. The atmosphere among students and faculty is an open informality fostered by a pleasant working environment and state-of-the-art research facilities. Core concepts and skills are taught through a sequence of core courses, along with the advanced electives carefully chosen in view of the fundamental applications of Biochemistry. The courses are designed for the students, so that they learn the advanced methods in Biochemistry, laboratory and literature-based research, and develop the concepts and skills to apply their expertise in professional life.

Program Details

2 Years

The candidate must have 4 years Bachelors's or Equivalent Degree in a relevant discipline with a minimum of 2.00 CGPA or 60% in annual system. 

  • GAT(General)/ UMT Graduate Admission Test(at least 50%)
  • Admission Interview by UMT
  • No third division in the entire academic career
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