Program Introduction

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program 2022 at UMT is for students who aspire to opt for a career in today’s business world. The BBA program 2022 places emphasis on business, management, economics, marketing, accounting, and finance. Our BBA program 2022 is suitable for students who are interested in learning business strategies, principles and prepares them to excel in a professional business environment.

In a research-oriented and student-centric business environment, our highly qualified and competent faculty help students apply critical thinking, technology, and analytical and communication skills to business situations and formulate business strategies. The goal of our program is to help graduates draft successful business documents and deliver effective oral presentations by using a variety of suitable technologies. They are able to show proficiency in the fundamental concepts, theory, and tools taught in the core undergraduate curriculum and work effectively as a team member. At UMT, business graduates are taught about the dynamics of local industry and ways to apply strategic planning tools to functional areas. They follow high ethical standards of teaching to function in the local business setting.

Students develop critical thinking and core business skills which are learned from top business leaders. The program promotes a culture of internationalization with important stakeholders and actively introduces best business practices through collaborations, conferences, workshops, and others, etc. Special attention is paid to research publications in impact journals and the finest learning methodologies.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at UMT inspires you to explore our unique leadership vision, avail yourself opportunities for hands-on learning, and have a chance to study abroad. Throughout the program, students are prepared for industry-focused skills and encouraged to build effective decision-making strategies from an international perspective. A UMT BBA degree prepares you for numerous careers as an accountant, financial advisor, marketer, manager, entrepreneur, real estate agent, commodities trader, and others.

Program Details

4 years

- Minimum 50% Marks in Intermediate / A-Level or equivalent and no 3rd division in Matriculation

- 50% Marks in NTS\UMTEntry Test (Arithematics and English)