MPhil Political Science

Program Introduction

The MPhil Political Science program 2021 provides cutting-edge skills, knowledge, and professional understanding of the Political Science discipline. Additionally, it develops an exciting and supportive learning environment that is conducive to high quality research and related learning activities, including debates, seminars and lectures.

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H) offers a two-year MPhil Political Science degree program. The program helps the participants to develop knowledge and provides research and learning opportunities in the field of Political Science. The MPhil Political Science program specifically focuses on providing strong theoretical and methodological base to its participants. They are able to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills that help them to become confident researchers and knowledgeable observers of political phenomena and policymaking procedures.

The participants are equipped with strong methodological training and able to produce high quality research and become life-long learners. The program’s graduates are not only the ethical researchers, they are also able to demonstrate autonomy in their learning.

The MPhil Political Science program prepares participants for a broad spectrum of careers spanning around academic, public, private, and non-profit institutions and organizations. Even though the program is primarily geared towards those who are pursuing research and teaching careers, it is also designed to expand career prospects of practitioners in the fields of policymaking, development, and mass communication including print and electronic media.

The graduates of MPhil Political Science program are pioneers in their chosen fields because of their thorough knowledge, sound theoretical grounding, and rigorous methodological training.

Program Details

2 Years

16-years of relevant education with minimum 50% marks or 2.5 CGPA and GAT with 50 % marks