MPhil Islamic Studies (Major in Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH))

Program Introduction

The MPhil Islamic Studies Specialization in Seerat un Nabi is a two-year degree intended mainly for participants who desire to study intensive Islamic history. Undoubtedly, Islam is one of the widely spread religions in the world and unfortunately it is labeled as a religion of depravity, injustice and terrorism; this requires to be addressed and presented in national and global platforms through dialogue.

UMT is aware of the challenges being faced by Muslim communities nowadays. The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H) at UMT offers a two-year MPhil Islamic Studies Specialization in Seerat un Nabi degree program. This program prepares intellectuals who are skilled at research and have knowledge of Seerah and Sunnah accompanied by contemporary education to represent the real identity of Islam according to the eminent characters it possesses.

MPhil Islamic Studies Specialization in Seerat un Nabi aligns and brighten up the minds of participants by giving them a platform where they acquires the knowledge through utilizing modern and latest educational facilities backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure to enlighten their innate abilities towards the development of society through academic research, spiritual development and human welfare.

In order to strengthen and transform the education from traditional to contemporary requirements, UMT is promoting Seerah and Sunnah education for initiation and acceleration of research. The program equips participants with modern tools of learning with innovative ideas for spreading and disseminating the message of Seerah and Sunnah.

The key objective of this research program is to prepare committed and competent scholars of Islamic Studies who have vast knowledge on modern issues in an Islamic perspective. The program provides participants with all physical and intellectual resources to cater for eminence research in Islamic Studies. 

Program Details

2 Years

The applicant must meet one of the following program eligibility criteria;

1) M.A Islamic Studies or equivalent from HEC recognized institute with at least 2nd division and no third division in his/her previous education career.

2) The students who belong to Madaris and completed “Shahadatul Aalmiya” will get equivalent matriculation and intermediate certificates from inter-board committee. They will also get certificates of equivalence of B.A for “Shahadatul Aaliya” and M.A Islamic Studies Equivalence Certificate for "Shahadtul Almiya" from HEC.  At least 45% marks is required in Shahadatul Almiya.

Important Note: U-GAT test and interview is mandatory for all students.

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