BS Liberal Arts

Program Introduction

The BS Liberal Arts program 2023 aims to equip the students with a broad base of knowledge and a rigorous intellectual and language training that would enable them to be truly educated, well-rounded individuals.

There are three streams in the BS Liberal Arts program: Literature, History, and Philosophy. Students will be introduced to a range of courses under these streams, enabling them to gain knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. Additionally, foreign language courses will enable them to develop communication and critical reading skills in languages such as Arabic and Farsi, while they will also examine subjects that are increasingly relevant to our current age, such as social media dynamics and climate change.

Students in the BS Liberal Arts program will acquire multidimensional skills and abilities that will help them understand complex problems and challenges facing the world today. They will be trained to think analytically and creatively, be proficient in written and oral communication skills, be effective researchers, make ethical decisions, pose meaningful questions, and have cross-cultural knowledge. Such UMT graduates will have the credentials to serve in top-level positions in international agencies, such as, for example, the United Nations and the World Bank; they will go into the discipline of policy research, and work in NGOs, in the media, in civil service and academic research; and they can opt for a life of independent writing. In fact, they can pursue a career in practically any field.

Program Details

4 Years
  • Intermediate or equivalent qualification with minimum 50% marks

  • In case of O-Level, A-Level, American High School Diploma or any other equivalent foreign qualification at least a B grade

  • 50% marks in NAT/SAT or UMT entry test

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