BS (Hons) in English Literature

Program Introduction

The study scheme proposed herein is for the degree of BS (Hons.) in English Literature. This BS (Honours )program is a unique initiative anywhere in the world. With a particular focus on the distinct literary history of Pakistan, the BS (Honours) program offers a unique opportunity to immerse in a wide spectrum of regional literature. With the participation of leading artists and creative writers of the country, ICCS sponsors a number of workshops for students to explore the diverse the literary heritage in many regional language of Pakistan.

ICCS is concerned about the loss of precious literary heritage of Pakistan where some of the ancient oral literature is fading away. For instance, colonial travelogues could be pursued both as a literary excurses and an expose on regional heritage.

Apparently, the BS (Honours) program runs its course under two tracks: literature and creative writing. But they are intertwined. The program is designed to show that both are organically linked. Those students pursuing the literature track are shown how creative writing plays a crucial role in the development of literature. Similarly, creative writing students are introduced to the existing literature in order to underscore the significance of literature in creative writing.

Program Details

4 Years

Minimum 45% marks in Intermediate / A-Level or equivalent and no 3rd dividion in metriculation.

50% marks in NTS\UMT entry test

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