BS Information Technology

Program Introduction

We are living and breathing in an information age. For many segments of society, the Internet has already changed how people work, think, communicate, or even socialize. Many of the changes can be attributed to information systems that now operate very widely over the Internet and Intranets. With the widespread commercial availability of computing technologies and machinery, information systems have been the dominant application area of computing. All present day organizations have come to rely on information systems for their day-to-day operation, planning, and decision making. Effective use of information technologies has become a critical success factor in modern society. BS-IT degree is unique blend of information systems and information technology in one program. The program is focused more on practical applications of technology and information systems to support organizations while adding value to their products and offerings.

The degree offers courses across the complete spectrum of IT, ranging from non-technical areas such as the nature of information and organizational needs for IT, through the hardware, software, network and multimedia technologies which are used to satisfy these needs, to the development and management skills needed to create and implement computer-based information systems.

Program Details

4 years

A-Levels / FSc / ICS or equivalent with minimum 50% marks and no 3rd division in metriculation.

50% marks in NTS\UMT entry test.


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