BS Gender Studies - Post BSc/BA

Program Introduction

Associate degrees are typically 2-year programs. An Associate Degree is a two-year undergraduate academic degree that is awarded by both the private and public colleges and universities. It is a post-intermediate academic degree that focuses on a respective field chosen by the students. Associate degrees are typically 2-year programs. An associate degree in Gender studies focuses on the ways gender identity and sexual orientation shape behaviors and feelings, and it investigates power dynamics that relate to sex. This field includes men’s studies, women’s studies and queer studies, and occasionally addresses widespread social concerns such as domestic violence. The academic discipline also investigates causes of sex-based discrimination and harassment and solutions to the problem.

Program Objectives:

The program objectives are to:

  • With the vision to create awareness and to develop communities where both men and women can live and work in mutual respect, peace and harmony.
  • The BS in Gender Studies program aims to create awareness among men and women regarding their social, economic, political and legal rights.
  • The participants of this program will be able to learn the application of Gender Studies and Feminist analyses of existing structures and traditional historical, social and cultural clichés and will be trained to analyze the variety of ways in which systems of dominance function and have evolved over time, including patriarchy, sexism, racism etc.
  • This program aims to enable participants to think critically about gender roles that shape the personal, social, domestic, religious, political and economic worlds.

Program Details

2 Years
  • Associate Degree Programs (ADP) in the relevant disciplines with a Minimum 2.00 CGPA
  • 14 years of formal education under the title of BA/BSc/B.Com in the relevant Disciplines with a Minimum 45% Marks

Fee will be structured on the basis of per credit hour taken by the applicant after admission.

*Note: For Degree completion (The student has to complete a minimum of 134 total credit hours (including ADP credit hours) with a Minimum CGPA of 2.00)

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