Phd Sociology

Program Introduction

The Ph.D. Sociology program aims to develop knowledge and provide research and learning opportunities in the field of Sociology. This program will specifically focus on providing a strong theoretical and methodological base to its participants. Students of this program will be able to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills which will help them become independent researchers and knowledgeable observers of sociological phenomena.
In the present scenario of an ever-changing social world, the role of sociologists and social research is critical to producing good quality indigenous research for continuous knowledge management.

Program Details

3 Years

18 years of education (M.Phil.) in Social Sciences,Preferabley in Sociology with minimum CGPA 3.0 out of 4.0 (in the Semester System) or minimum first division (in the Annual System), from a recognized university is required to be eligible for the admission to this program.

 Passing the UGAT or GRE/GAT Subject Test with minimum 70% or 60% marks respectively is mandatory.

Final admission will be granted based on interview conducted by the program admission committee.

No of admissions would be as per availability of faculty and HEC/UMT requirements.

Note: The admission requirements are subject to change as per UMT policies.

* Students will be required to complete deficiency courses. i.e. Sociological Theory and Research

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