PhD International Relations

Program Introduction

The subject of International Relations is vast, diverse and dynamic which calls for an interdisciplinary approach of inquiry. The PhD International Relations program provides the scholars with the comprehensive understanding, insight and the confidence to view the world. Additionally, it provides scholars with a broader perspective and theoretical foundations so that they can analyze contemporary and future international issues and be able to offer innovative solutions for global peace, harmony and cooperation.

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H) at UMT is offering a PhD degree in International Relations. The PhD International Relations is a competitive cutting-edge program of rigorous training designed to promote interdisciplinary critical research. In keeping with the diverse and vibrant social research tradition, program supports theoretical and methodological plurality and multiple approaches to examine contemporary social and political issues.

The main objective of PhD International Relations is to develop an exciting and supporting learning environment that is conductive to high quality research and related learning activities, including debates, seminars, and lectures. The learning community thus formed is engage in a systematic study of both theoretical and practical aspects of international relations. In addition to providing basic knowledge of international relations, the program focuses on developing critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and communication and collaboration skills in the scholars. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on building individuals capable of meeting challenges of contemporary professional life.

UMT is committed to promote scholarly excellence, analytical rigor and produce world-class scholars, researchers and policy makers. Getting a PhD degree in International Relations can lead to exciting careers in civil services, international organizations, print and electronic media and educational and research institutions.

Program Details

3 Years

A minimum CGPA 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the Semester System) orFirst Division (in the Annual System) in M.Phil/M.S/Equivalent with major in International Relations/Political Science/ Defence and Strategic Studies//Social Science required. Preference will be given to International Relations/ Political Science major.

  • GAT(General) / UMT Graduate Admission Test is mandatory.
  • Interview (Panel Interview performance will play a crucial role in student selection).
  • No third division in the entire academic career.
  • Any other requirement as specified by the Department or regulatory body.
  • To apply for a doctoral program, having completed a thesis or research project is mandatory for candidates holding an MS/MPhil degree.
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