PhD Physics

Program Introduction

Physics is devoted to the study and understanding of nature. Considered the most fundamental science, it deals with the constituents, properties, and evolution of the entire universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. It is also concerned with the mathematical formulation of the fundamental laws of nature.

In our graduate program students will be engaged mainly in research along with initial broad training in fundamental core topics in physics as the foundation of modern technologies. This program of study leading to the degree of Master of Science, while emphasizing continued work in basic physics, permits many options in several applied physics specialties.

The aim of the graduate program in physics is to teach and train students to meet the growing technological needs of the industries of Pakistan in the area of Physics, provide sufficient opportunity for skill acquisition in the use of experimental, workshop and investigative tools of pure and applied physics. The program is sufficiently flexible in its electives to provide an excellent preparation for careers in many different areas of pure and applied physics.

Program Details

3 Years

MS/MPhil degree in relevant education from a recognized university with 3.00 CGPA GRE/GAT (General/Subject) passed with minimum score 60%

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