PhD Management (Not Offering in S2022)

Program Introduction

Not Offering In Spring 2022

The Ph.D. Management program 2022 produces internationally recognized researchers and academicians in the field of management with an integrated perspective on management to address complex issues in the national and international context.

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) at UMT is offering a PhD Management degree. The reflection of SBE strong commitment to fostering a research culture is manifested in its PhD degree programs.

The emphasis of the program is to develop a comprehensive analytical approach covering both the quantitative and qualitative methodologies based on the research focus of the students. This is ensured through rigorous training and exposing the students to the latest concepts, tools and techniques with regards to specific issues in management research. The students receive extensive training in the use of statistical software packages.

The program’s curriculum is relatively structured to ensure that students build on intellectual and broad-based knowledge and skills. It is an ideal PhD program for those who want to gain the required set of skills and knowledge for research in the field of management. Furthermore, the program is at par with international standards and endeavors to produce high quality researchers and academicians who can serve effectively in academia and industry.

This PhD program offers a broad range of opportunities to the scholars. The program best suits for those seeking research and teaching careers in future. They play an effective role in improving the quality of education by adopting academic profession. Additionally, they can play strategic role in decision making on the basis of their meticulous knowledge and training in research.

Program Details

3 Years

18 years degree or MS with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 out of 4. The candidate must have passed GAT subject test or GRE subject test with minimum of 60% marks.