PhD Mathematics

Program Introduction

Mathematics plays a very imperative role in the advancements of science and technology today. Its role is inevitable in interdisciplinary sciences and social sciences as well. During the last few decades, Mathematics has become the focal and grooming research area due to the exponential growth of science and technology all over the world.

The School of Science (SSC) at UMT is offering a PhD degree in Mathematics. The program helps scholars to investigate new techniques, algorithms and computational analysis with further emphasis on applications in different disciplines.

The PhD Mathematics program is designed to develop knowledge and skills in specialized technical areas and promote research interest and activities in the current dimensions. Fluid dynamics, computational techniques for solving differential equations, computer simulation and modeling, Fuzzy algebra is widely used and connected with the modern dimensions like physiology, industry, biology, aerospace engineering, cryptography, etc. The thesis component of this program provides the students with an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through the course-work in solving complex problems.

Mathematics has become one of the main focused research area in Pakistan and around the world as well. Due to applications and usefulness in basic sciences and other disciplines, there is a growing demand of applied mathematicians in public and private sectors, research organizations and industries. The PhD program prepares scholars with best all-inclusive skills and knowledge they required to pursue the best career option in the most dynamic areas of modern science and technology. 

Program Details

3 Years

MS/MPhil degree in relevant education from a recognized university with 3.00 CGPA out of 4.00 CGPA
GRE/GAT (General/Subject) passed with minimum score 60%

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