PhD Psychology

Program Introduction

Not Offering in Spring 2024.

PhD Psychology program will significantly contribute to UMT’s stated mission of becoming a leading institute of Higher Learning in Pakistan. Given the need of indigenous applied research in Psychology in Pakistani cultural and social context, PhD Psychology program is essential for current academic and practical skills. The Department of Applied Psychology holds the resources required for launching the program, in line with the HEC requirements. The PhD degree aims to produce sound scholars, researchers in the field of Psychology.

The scope of a PhD is to continue one's preparation of a scientific career, in either both academia and industry, to elaborate knowledge, skills, and to demonstrate persistence into a specific topic.

Furthermore, the scope explains the extent to which your research area will be explored, and the parameters will operate.

It gives an in-depth philosophy based on phenomenological approach related to their specialized field/ area.

Program Details

3 Years

-MPhil / MS (Psychology) from a HEC Recognized University with minimum CGPA 3.0 out of 4.

  • GAT(General) / UMT Graduate Admission Test is mandatory.
  • Interview (Panel Interview performance will play a crucial role in student selection).
  • No third division in the entire academic career.
  • Any other requirement as specified by the Department or regulatory body.
  • To apply for a doctoral program, having completed a thesis or research project is mandatory for candidates holding an MS/MPhil degree.
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