MPhil English Literature

Program Introduction

The MPhil English Literature program 2024 covers the core areas of English literature and literary theories. The degree program produces effective professionals in the discipline of English literature who contribute in research and practical fields of it.

Keeping in view of the importance of literature and demand in the academia, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H) at UMT offers a comprehensive and competitive two-year MPhil English Literature degree program.

MPhil English Literature is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of all the major dimensions and genres of English literature, as well as a focused, intensive approach to certain specific areas of specialization. Additionally, this program introduces the participants to the historical and evolutionary developments in English literature that have occurred through the ages with a special focus on the various dimensions of modern and contemporary literature. The curriculum of the program consists five compulsory courses including Research Methods, Literary Criticism and Theory, Ancient Dramatic Traditions, Postmodern Fiction and Transnational Poetry. In addition to compulsory courses, participants are required to take three optional ones.

The MPhil degree equips participants with a solid foundation in the field of English literature and encourages them to do in-depth research into the formal aspects of literature. Moreover, the program prepares and grooms the participants to become skilled and proficient professionals.

The graduates of MPhil English Literature degree are eligible for a wide array of job opportunities including editorial assistant, English teacher, newspaper journalist as well as employed as research assistance in various research firms. 

Program Details


BS English with a minimum 2.0 CGPA.

MA English with a minimum 45% marks)

  • GAT(General)/ UMT Graduate Admission Test(at least 50%)
  • Admission Interview by UMT
  • No third division in the entire academic career


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