MPhill Pharmacology

Program Introduction

The postgraduate “MPhil Pharmacology” program offered by the School of Pharmacy, University of Management and Technology is focused on the study and research in different domains of Pharmacology. As pharmacy is an interdisciplinary subject and with the initiation of advanced techniques and new research avenues, this program opens new doors for the research of traditional aspects with novel approaches drawn from other disciplines, such as biophysics, biomedical engineering, and molecular genetics. The course-work and research activities in Pharmacy will be focused on the specialty of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacy Practice. Our curriculum highlights interdisciplinary training in basic and applied side. A typical day/week in course work will be focused on direct research and lab work with special emphasis on reading and understanding of the literature through various courses offered by the school. Attending a departmental seminars/workshop, lab meetings and professional trainings will be compulsory for the students.

Program Summary

  • Program (M.Phil. Pharmacology)
  • Duration ( 2 years (4 Semesters)
  • Credit Hours ( 30 credit hours (24 Theoretical + 6 Research)


The prime objective of the postgraduate degree in Pharmacology is to produce scholars having a comprehensive understanding of the subject. They should be able to formulate, design, and interpret research. Their investigations would be publishable. They must express capability for significant contributions in their fields and for leading independent research. The research training would aim to aid the students developing in-depth knowledge of their fields; it would help them learn how to develop an innovative hypothesis and to describe the techniques for validating the hypothesis; conduct a research project; display their findings at scientific symposia; and publish them in high-impact journals.

Confirmation of Admission

The selected candidate is required to confirm their acceptance by paying the non-refundable admission and tuition fees within the specified dates. The admission process will be completed only after the payment of all dues and submission of enrollment forms. If a candidate fails to submit the enrollment form, his/her admission will stand canceled and the seat will be offered to the next candidate on the merit list.

Program/Credit Transfer:

As per the HEC rules and regulations.

M.Phil. Theses Evaluation:

MS/MPhil and Equivalent Program Thesis Evaluation.

  • Evaluation of thesis will be carried out by the nominated External Examiner. DGC will recommend the names of panel of experts to the concerned School Dean. SGC (School Graduate Committee) and BASAR which will then approve the panel or disapprove only certain names from the panel. From the approved panel the DGC will appoint the External Examiner.
  • The external examiner has to evaluate the thesis and submit evaluation report (Appendix A3) before viva examination.
  • The candidate will appear before the Board of Examiners for the assessment of his/her thesis. The Board of Examiners will approve the thesis or defer approval pending re-submission of thesis with minor or major changes.
  • Minimum criteria of HEC, if any regarding the particular thesis, will have to be fulfilled; Approval of the thesis by the Board of Examiners shall be mandatory for the award of the degree.
  • HEC Rules and Regulations will be followed for admission in postgraduate program.
  • The Plagiarism Test must be conducted on the thesis before its submission to the external examiners.

The Board of Examiners shall consist of:

  • Chairperson/DGC (moderator)/Convener
  • Dean of the Concern School/nominee
  • External Examiner
  • Research Supervisor(s)

Program Details

2 years
  • Sixteen years of schooling or 4-years education after F.Sc. in the respective subject from HEC recognized institutions is a mandatory for admission to M.Phil. program. Foreign equivalent degrees are also accepted for admission in M.Phil.
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.50 on a scale of 4.00 in Pharm-D or equivalent degree in semester system or 60% marks in Annual System is required for the admission in M.Phil. Pharmacy.
  • GAT general or other aptitude tests with the minimum of 50% score is mandatory.
  • Candidate have to appear in the interview conducted by the university of management and technology.
  • If applicant is an employee in any government or private organization, he/she will have to submit N.O.C. along with study leave, from the concerned department.
  • Final selection shall be made on the basis of cumulative merit determined as follow: CGPA 50%, UGAT/GAT 25%, Interview 25%
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