BS Political Science

Program Introduction

The BS Political Science 2024 is one of the most sought after degrees which will give you an edge in knowledge, academic understandings, and real skills that underpin a successful career that engages with politics. The BS Political Science degree from UMT enhances your ability to think critically about political systems world-wide, processes, institutions and disciplines related to political power, citizenship and governance. As a political science researcher, you will be able to develop and impact the outcomes of political process, apply political philosophy to governance system and engage in political discussions.

The course also broadens your knowledge and perspective in varied areas of Political Science. For this purpose you will be offered different specializations to choose from in the last two semesters. This wide range of topics provides students with a broad education, and the opportunity to learn about the workings of political institutions across the globe. Students will also learn to explore the complex relations between nations, both in the past and present.
Upon successful completion of the program for BS in Political Science, graduates will be able to apply concepts and theories used in the study of political science to the analysis of interests, institutions and behaviors in line with the international context. Our programs are designed according to the education of Political Science in Pakistan in line with international standard. Among the many outcomes, you will be able to apply a range of research methods to the study of political phenomena. Students will be able to understand the differences in political systems and the backgrounds in which they function. Thorough study of the discipline will help you maintain debate orally and in writing using a variety of channels. Political Science graduates will be able to join careers in government services, national and international business, intelligence community, diplomatic domains and foreign affairs.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can expect promising careers in the following roles and fields:

  • Legislative assistant
  • Policy analyst
  • Political scientist
  • Agency administrator
  • Advocate
  • Development officer
  • Policy researcher
  • Program director
  • Think tank fellow
  • Communications coordinator
  • Journalist
  • Public relations manager

Program Details

4 Years

- Minimum 45% marks in Intermediate / A-Level or equivalent and no 3rd division in Matriculation

- 50% Marks in NTS\UMTEntry Test.

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