BS Biochemistry

Program Introduction

Biochemistry can be most simply defined as the study of life at the molecular level. Every process occurring within the living organism, from metabolism to muscle contraction to vision and even including our thought processes, happens as a result of a series of chemical reactions. The field of Biochemistry accommodates people with a wide spectrum of interests, from those with a strong biological orientation to those who view themselves more as chemists. Biochemistry is a rapidly growing, and exciting field of study. Genetic engineering, biotechnology, and immunology are the prominent areas in which biochemists are playing a major role.
The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree program consists of a combination of requirements and electives which ensure a strong foundation in the chemical and biological sciences, while providing the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to satisfy specific interests or career goals. This program may be of interest to students who plan careers in research, in teaching, or in the life/health sciences professions (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry). The courses offered provide the students with extensive exposure to basic Biochemistry, as well as Cell Biology and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Our faculty is committed, although their primary mission is teaching; the faculty maintains active research programs both during the academic year and in the summer. Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to participate in research projects with faculty members. The opportunity to 'do' Biochemistry in addition to learning the subject can be an exciting and important part of your undergraduate years at SST, UMT.

Program Details

4 Years

A-Level / inter or equivalent ( Chemistry and Biology) with 50% marks and no 3rd division in metriculation.

50% marks in entry test

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