BS English (Language and Linguistics) Post ADP

Program Introduction

BS (Hons.) English Language and Linguistics program 2022 at UMT gives participants a chance to explore a wide range of language-related topics in an exhilarating and multi-cultural environment. This specialized degree in linguistics allows the students to learn about words (morphology) and their meanings (semantics), sounds and their variation (phonetics and phonology), sentence and the context of their utterances (pragmatics). They study changes related to language over a period of time and various language learning theories.By means of high quality teaching, students are encouraged to study the role of language in society and how it helps humans understand things. The aim of BS (Hons) English Language and Linguistics at UMT is to help students develop critical thinking skills, reading, writing and research abilities, and develop an understanding of the relationship between linguistic theories and areas such as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, etc. Students also develop an appreciation for human languages and cultural diversity in Pakistan and the world. The aim is not just to help you become an expert in linguistic analysis, but also to give you transferable skills that will be useful in the professional environment. Under the supervision of leading linguistic experts you will discover how language works in literature and how people use the English language across the globe.

This is a unique program that provides rigorous academic studies with practical, experiential learning options. The study of English Language and Linguistics prepares you up for a career where your communication, creative, management and critical thinking skills will shine. You can work in areas such as publishing, teaching, advertising and marketing.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can expect promising careers in the following roles and fields:

  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Lexicographer
  • Marketing executive
  • Public relations officer
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  • Speech and language therapist/ Language specialist
  • Translator
  • Technical writer
  • Copywriter

Program Details

2 years


  • Associate Degree Programs (ADP) in the relevant disciplines with a Minimum 2.00 CGPA
  • No 3rd Division in Academic Career
  • Intermediate with minimum 50% Marks & UMT entrance test.

Fee will be structured on the basis of per credit hour taken by the applicant after admission.

*Note: For Degree completion (The student has to complete a minimum of 130 total credit hours

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