BS Biotechnology Post ADP/BSc

Program Introduction

Biotechnology is at the forefront of major advances in life sciences. Biotechnology refers to the use of plants, animals, and microorganisms to create new products or processes. It plays an important role in helping industry, medicine, and agriculture to produce foods and medicines, manage disease and pests, and clean up the environment. Biotechnology is an applied science that uses the tools of biochemistry, molecular biology and other fields of biology to solve problems that affect humans.

The School of Science at UMT offers a four-year BS Biotechnology degree program. The program brings together several scientific disciplines, the course produces graduates who have a high standard of cognitive, practical and transferable skills and the knowledge to begin careers in medical research, in hospital and public health laboratories, and also in the pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industries. Analytical, numerical and communication skills developed by biotechnology graduates are also in demand in non science-based careers such as accountancy, journalism, and marketing.

The BS Biotechnology program provides participants with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding in fundamental areas of bioscience disciplines as well as an understanding of biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular genetics. The program prepares participants for careers in private and public sectors, research and development for the advancement of medicine, environmental practices, and agriculture.

The graduates in biotechnology will understand the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology and have the special skills and knowledge of food, environmental microbiology and natural-products chemistry that are relevant and sought after by local and international industries. The highly-regarded courses offer intensive learning with a strong research focus aimed to equip graduates with the skills necessary to work in the sector.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can expect promising careers in the following roles and fields:

  • Research Associate
  • Clinical Scientist
  • Fuel and Chemical Biotechnologist
  • Biomedical Engineer

Program Details

2 years
  • B.Sc. with major in Biological Sciences, Genetics, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology or equivalent subject with minimum of 60 credit hours.
  • Associate Degree in Biotechnology with a Minimum 2.00 CGPA
  • Intermediate with minimum 50% Marks & UMT entrance test.

Fee will be structured on the basis of per credit hour taken by the applicant after admission.

*Note: For Degree completion (The student has to complete a minimum of 134 total credit hours (including ADP credit hours) with a Minimum CGPA of 2.00)

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