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Dr Hasan Murad Engineering Scholarship

University of Management and Technology in collaboration with ILM Fund is offering Dr Hasan Murad Enigeering Scholarships worth Rs. 100 million. This scholarship is named after Dr. Hassan Murad, the founder of the University of Management and Technology, and an engineer himself. The purpose of this scholarship is to make Enigeering education accessible for all applicants. This is a need-based scholarship, and the amount of scholarship awarded will be based on the demonstrated need of the applicant. The application process is simple, and interviews for the award of the scholarship will be conducted every week. All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for this Enigeering scholarship.

Scholarships Allocation

School of Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering - 80 seats
  • Mechanical Engineering - 80 seats
  • Civil Engineering - 80 seats
  • BS Robotics and Intelligent Systems - 50 seats 

Documents required at the time of interview

  • Utility bills
  • Parent's proof of income
  • Proof of residence/rental contract

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Program Interested:*

Matric Marks Obtained/Total:*

Intermediate Marks Obtained/Total (Part-1 or Part-2 complete, which one is available):*

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