1. Counseling Section

Role of counselors is to provide required information to visitors and guide them in selecting the best career option as per their aptitude and market demands. This is a very unique facility which UMT is offering for the welfare of candidates as our counselors provide fair, unbiased guidance and professional advice to visitors. Our counselors try to make sure that the counselee/visitor leaves the counter with utmost satisfaction.

2. Graduate Admissions Section

Graduate Section is responsible for coordination with concern departments and academic staff for smooth management of Entry Tests, Interviews, Merit List and informing the candidates about their admission status. Graduate admissions section coordinates with concerned departments for entry test and interview dates and inform candidates accordingly.

Test results and recommendations of selection or rejection of applicants are provided to OIA Team. Merit Lists are prepared and displayed by Graduate section and applicants are informed.

Zunair Haider Pasha

Senior Admission Officer

[email protected]

Office of Information and Admissions (OIA)

3. Admission Applications Processing Section

Following functions are performed under application processing section:

      • Online Application Processing

      • Manual Form Submission

      • Data Entry

      • Document Verification

      • Allocation of Entry Test/Interview Schedule

      • Conduction of Entry Test

      • Merit List Display

      • Counseling and referring of on-hold or rejected applicants for other programs

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a) Online Application Processing

User friendly Online Application Portal is provided for facilitation of international and out city candidates but it is also open for Lahore candidates. After submission of online form online team accept or reject the form. If someone faces difficulty in form filling or career selection, concerned team contact them and guide them accordingly. Online Admissions Team is responsible for following-up and informing about admission status of online applicants.


Admission Officer

[email protected]

Office of Information and Admissions (OIA)

b) Manual Form Issuance and Submission

After issuance of VPN, if visitor is interested in admission processing then counselor will guide the visitor to go to the admissions form issuance counter and buy admission form. After filling the admission form along with all required documents, applicant submits the form at Admission Applications Processing Section and receive admit card which contains information regarding test/interview date and time. The form should be complete in all aspects as mentioned on it.


Admission Officer

[email protected]

Office of Information and Admissions (OIA)


c) Allocation of Entry Test/Interview Schedule

After form submission, applicants are given UMT admit card which has the date and timing for entry test/interview according to the program that they have applied in. Applicants have to bring their admit cards to the campus on the day of their entry test/interview.

d) Data Entry

Data entry team is responsible for checking and verification of applicant data. These details are recorded in the system to have a database of all the students enrolled at UMT.

e) Entry Test

After receiving admission form Admission Application Processing Section is responsible for arranging test and interviews in respective program for screening purpose. UMT entry test at undergraduate level is exempted for those candidates who have passed SAT/NAT test with 50% or above marks.

Along with other academic requirements, candidate must pass UMT entry test with 50% marks to become eligible for admission in UMT. For graduate programs test results and recommendations of selection or rejection of applicants will be provided to OIA for further processing of application.

f) Merit List Display

If the candidate meets the admission criteria, admission is offered. The name of applicant will be placed in the merit list which will be displayed on UMT website bearing the names of all qualified candidates. Merit lists can be displayed multiple times based on the rounds of the admission campaign

For graduate program, Graduate Admissions Section coordinates with departments and collects applicants’ selection or rejection information. After verification they prepare merit lists and share with Admission Application Processing Section for further processing.

4. Online Query Management Section

OIA has developed online query management system to provide prompt and effective response/updates to interested people. Online Query Management Section looks-after the digital marketing activities. This team is responsible for handling all online queries on UMT official networks and pages.

Muhammad Zeeshan Saeed

Admission Officer

[email protected]

Office of Information and Admissions (OIA)

5. Call Center

Call Center team of OIA is responsible for handling of inbound and outbound calls regarding admissions processes, criteria’s, test schedule, scholarships, etc. Their job duties include providing test/interview information to applicants. They are also responsible to do follow-ups with applicants and respond to queries.

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6. Credit Transfer Section

OIA Credit transfer section handles credit transfer cases from other universities. A dedicated team is assigned for facilitation of interested candidates.

For details visit: https://admissions.umt.edu.pk/Transfer-Migration.aspx