Admission of Overseas Pakistanis-Foreign Students at UMT

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has chalked out a policy for the admission of foreign students in Pakistani universities.

You can visit HEC website for further information on the captioned subject. 
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Overseas Pakistani Students

UMT is one of the prime choices of overseas Pakistani students who intend to get a career oriented program after A-Level or Intermediate exams. UMT provides them a choice between:

  • BS-Electrical Engineering
  • BS-Computer Science
  • BS-Software Engineering
  • BS-Textile
  • BS-Industrial Engineering
  • BS-Aerospace and Avionics Systems
  • BS-Telecommunication and Networks Systems
  • BS-Electronics Systems
  • BS-Electric Power and Energy Systems
  • BS-Information Systems and Technology
  • BS-Architecture
  • BS-Maths/Physics/Chemistry
  • BS-Textile Fashion and Design
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Business & Information System (BBIS)
  • BS-Economics and Finance
  • BS-Aviation Management
  • BS-Accounting & Finance
  • BS-Social Sciences
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Nutrition Sciences
  • BS Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • BS Medical Imaging & Ultrasonography
  • BS Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • BS-Media and Communication

UMT adopts a facilitating approach, and as a forward looking academic institute, has exempted overseas students from the entry test. The admission is decided on their marks percentage and if they come up to the merit, they are considered for admissions. They don’t have to travel to Pakistan to take admissions test. UMT has given foreign students the facility of online payments. They can pay their dues from anywhere across the world and come to Pakistan when classes commence formally. This saves them from multiple headaches and every thing goes smoothly for them. They can get a place in UMT hostel even before coming to Pakistan. So, when they land in Pakistan they know everything from their living destination to academic road maps.

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