Spring Admissions 2019

Admissions Schedule

Fall 2021 Admissions are closed.

Spring 2022 Admission Forms are available in Specific Programs Only.

Visit UMT Admissions Office to apply.


The admission requirements for all undergraduate and graduate programs 2021 are mentioned in the respective schools and institutes offering them. Click here to search for the relevant program. All admissions are based on merit as per the stated criteria or additional criteria (if applicable). The undergraduate merit is calculated as per the following benchmarks:

  • 20% of Marks obtained in Matric
  • 30% of Marks obtained in the Entrance Test
  • 50% of Marks obtained in Intermediate
  • Interview if required

For Graduate and Ph.D. programs, the merit list will be finalized on the basis of the following:

  • Academic Marks
  • UGAT/GAT Marks
  • Panel Interview Marks 

Program Details of Admissions

Applicants seeking admission for Fall 2021 programs may visit the website of the Office of Information and Admissions to acquire details regarding the admission requirements and the protocols that need to be adhered to in order to apply for the program that meets their aptitude and interest.

Prospective candidates have an ample choice of programs to choose from in the fields of engineering, social sciences, business, finance, professional development, science, etc. Click to learn more about UMT’s UndergraduateGraduate, and Ph.D. programs.

Our highly qualified and experienced educational advisors and counselors are available online to assist you in choosing an accredited program to secure your future.

Admission Criteria

The general Admission Criteria for enrolling into the 150+ programs offered at UMT generally include qualifying the criteria set for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. programs. Entrance test samples are available on the OIA website.

Fee Structure 

UMT offers a viable learning investment plan for undergraduate and graduate programs. You can check the Fee Structure for all the programs (tuition charges, security deposits, etc.)

Financial Aid

Acquiring a quality higher education is the right of every individual. UMT empowers the youth to learn and lead by offering generous financial assistance in the form of need-based and merit-based scholarships to exceptional students. The aim is to make quality higher education accessible to all.

Students may apply for the following scholarships:

How to Apply

Manual Admission Process 

In case of admission in undergraduate programs, the applicants are advised to visit UMT and apply. The application will be processed and completed promptly.

Download Form

Download your desired application form from the UMT website. Fill the form carefully, attach the required documents and send it via courier service to the UMT Admissions Office or submit it at the UMT student gate.