Phd Textile

Program Introduction

The PhD degree continues to be the realm of the specialist, but as levels of expertise in certain key areas such as science and technology, economics and finance, health sciences and medicine are in greater demand; the popularity of the qualification grows.
PhD programs have the added value of bringing a cultural dimension to period of study, putting student in touch with academics and researchers in highly developed research networks. The PhD students benefit from such links by bringing both different points of view and intellectual approaches to shared research topics.  Developing such links is often seen as an integral benefit to study at this level and can be one of the ways, in which you access future employment and career opportunities.
In science and technology subjects, PhD program is likely to be organized differently, with a far greater concentration on small research groups under the supervision of one or more academic mentors.The PhD programs require the completion of both a Bachelors and a Masters degree, before admission is considered.  Moreover, the application process is dependent on a research proposal which is both interesting to a university and that an individual academic is able to supervise.

Program Details

3 Years

MS in Textiles or equivalent 3.00/4.00 or 60% in annual system and GAT 60%


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