MS Industrial Engineering

Program Introduction

This Program is not being offered in Spring 2018. 

The Master of Science degree program in Industrial Engineering is built on a core designed to provide breadth of experience in systems modeling, analysis, and applications common in Industrial Engineering and operations analysis. Industrial Engineering has its foundation in physical sciences, mathematics and a broad knowledge of engineering techniques. MS Industrial Engineering program at UMT offers an understanding of the breadth of education and depth of training necessary for leadership in this profession.

Program Objectives
Graduates will be able to: Integrate, model, continuously improve, control and, if necessary, redesign enterprise activities, Perform data analysis and optimization for enterprise decision-making, develop business cases for justifying process, organizational and technological projects, support enterprise performance, quality, efficiency and productivity enhancement activities, and facilitate systems engineering and project management. Also Communicate effectively (written, verbal and presentation) across all levels in the enterprise.

Career Prospects
The mission of the graduate program in Industrial Engineering is to educate our students for leadership positions in a broad spectrum of employment including: Manufacturing, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Health Care, Banking, Information Management, and related disciplines. Industrial Engineering being one of the core fields of engineering is always evergreen in terms of scope and job prospects.

Program Details

2 Years

4-years Bachelors Degree and equivalent in relvant disciplane with 2.25 CGPA and GAT (General) 50%


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