MS Graphic Design

Program Introduction

Not Offering in Spring 2022

MS Graphic Design is an advanced level degree program 2022 which exposes participants to a new level of thinking, concepts and approaches for execution with the help of advanced skills, technologies and software.

The School of Textile and Design (STD) at UMT, is offering a two-year Master of Science in Graphic Design degree program. This degree program prepares and trains students to put their knowledge and understanding of the subject to test. Additionally, the students master the art of research and learn the methodologies to excel their crafts to new horizons of creativity and innovations, and aims at individuals who want to improve their existing professional portfolio and develop their understanding of recent and emerging trends in graphic design.

The MS Graphic Design program covers masterfully all the areas of both theoretical and technical subjects ranging from advertising and gaming to movies, academics to fashion industry and the list goes on. The program enables students to have critical and analytical problem solving skills and helps them to gain thorough knowledge of composition, color and combination of type face and imagery. Additionally, they gain experience to organize, prepare and work in a graphic design corporate culture.

Graphic design industry both nationally and internationally seeks individuals with extraordinary conceptual approach to solving problems, managing solutions and making decisions for a profitable design campaign. The graduates of the MS Graphic Design are able to opt career paths in animation industry, advertising agency, gaming industry, filmmaking, storyboard artist, mobile graphic applications, book illustrations, editorials and publications.

Program Details

2 Years

Bachelor of Graphic Design (BGD) or an equivalent degree in a related field 2.5/4.0 CGPA or 50% in annual system and GAT 50%


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