MS School Leadership and Management

Program Introduction

Schools need leaders who have a vision for improving quality and learning outcomes, and who are also effective at continuing management responsibilities.

The MS Institutional Leadership and Management Program at UMT provides students and experienced educators a strong base in educational research and management skills to administer their institutions efficiently and effectively. Students demonstrate a critical awareness of the complex forces influencing leadership and management in organizations. They develop a sound understanding and appreciation of current challenging issues in leadership and management at national and international level through participation in debate, discussion and research. The MS program equips students with professional skills and competencies that enhance the capability of managers and educators to handle these issues in a professional and innovative manner. The degree program enables graduates to exhibit exceptional managerial performance within education and other professional sectors.

Through MS Program, participants are encouraged to become lifelong learners while contributing to the success of the organization. Students enrolled in the program develop a deeper understanding of various theories in organizational structure, educational leadership and change processes and how these three aspects impact educational institutions. At University, students familiarize themselves with a variety of issues surrounding management and how the issues relate to developments in education, the society and the economy. The students develop skills in analysis of development policies and the kinds of factors that affect the implementation of management policies in an educational context.

Graduates with a MS School Leadership and Management qualify for teaching and administrative positions at the elementary, middle, secondary and postsecondary school levels. Important job titles include principal, high school teacher, headmaster, assistant principal, leaders, advocates, policy analysts, consultants, researchers, planners and educators.

Program Details

1.5 Years

16-Years relevant qualifications with minimum 50% marks in annual system or 2.5 CGPA and 50% score in GAT (General). All applications are evaluated on the basis of merit determined by the applicant's previous academic record and performance in the admission interview.

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