MS Housing and Community Development

Program Introduction

The MS Program in Housing and Community Development (MSHCD) Degree prepares young professionals, dealing with one or multiple tasks of planning, governing, intervening, and researching housing, in Pakistan as well as other countries in the region. The learners will be trained to engage with scales from local project to city and region to global, through hands-on exercises, intense theory and individual capstone project.  The two-year degree program equips students with skills necessary for being professionals and exposes them to the technical, social, political, financial and ethical dimensions of housing industry in the challenging context of contemporary and fast urbanizing Pakistan. The program offers the possibility of specializing in and obtaining a Major in Housing & Community DevelopmentThis stream offers the opportunity to explore innovative policy approaches to housing and community development while learning the traditional tools of housing policy and planning. Current housing issues are assessed against a historical background of goals and effectiveness in improving housing outcomes, as well as the secondary impacts of housing policies and their connections to local community and economic development. The analysis casts a critical eye at understanding opportunities for building coalitions among low-income tenants, community-based organizations, and development professionals, as well as links to organizing among labor, women, and social service providers. Many courses draw on international examples as well as domestic.

Program Details

2 Years
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) accredited by PCATP or
  • Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning (BSc CRP) accredited by PCATP
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSc Civil Engineering) accredited by PEC
  • Bachelor of Building and Architectural Engineering accredited by PEC or
  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering accredited by PEC


  • 2.5/4.0 CGPA or 50% in annual system
  • GAT General 50%
  • Interview
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