Master of Project Management

Program Introduction

Project management is required in all sectors of the modern economy-industry, the public and private sector, commerce (including e-commerce), business analysis, product development, marketing, human resource management, information technology, engineering and construction. It presents challenges in managing the technical, cultural, political and financial aspects inherent in all ventures. Today, companies are employing project managers increasingly to help improve productivity and cut costs by utilizing their expertise in restructuring current processes to increase efficiency and help the business to grow.

The School of Professional Advancement (SPA) provides training and education in meeting the highest professional standards and relevance through the Master of Project Management program which is a specialist program that aims to develop project management leaders through broad-based training and education. The program provides a thorough understanding of the key elements of project management such as decision- making, risk and value management, financial management, project economics, procurement and business strategies, law and project information systems, project management and people management. Knowledge of these key areas is developed within the context of different project environments and the importance of people and project teams in achieving success. The program helps the participants to develop a set of specialist skills in theory, research and methods of critical evaluation.

Program Details

2 Years

14 Years qualification with 45% marks in case of annual system in the degree awarding institution.

14 Years qualification with 2.0/4.0 CGPA in case of semester system in the degree awarding institution.

In case of 40% to 45% marks, applicant should have minimum of three (3) years Professional experience.

No 3rd Division in entire academic career

In case of an equivalent foreign qualification, an equivalent certificate from Higher Education Commission is mandatory.

In case the foreign degree/transcript is in any language other than English or Urdu, an officially translated copy of the degree/transcript is mandatory.

An officially translated copy is the one verified by the degree awarding institution, respective foreign ministry or an authorized public notary.

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