BS (Hons) Comparative Literature and Culture

Program Introduction

BS in Comparative Literature is an inventive program that allows students to discern and cox a whole new perspective of investigating a range of genres; in literature written in different languages of the world.  This program will offer the participants a prospect to inspect the most sophisticated aspects literature to explore human behavior and culture. Gaining in-depth knowledge in comparative literature will enables the students to learn about many characteristics of literature in different part of the world. Studying comparative literature also gives an insight by venturing beyond English literature and probe into the cultural and linguistic aspect of literature belonging to South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa .

 Moreover, it also includes the variety in topics and genres because of region and culture. Comparative Literature program will provide an opportunity to the students to research into literature from all over the world and explore its relevance to other media and disciplines, such as; Literature of the Enlightenment, Greek Literature, Autobiographies as a genre of literature  and impacts, Translational studies, African literature , Middle eastern literature , Post-colonialliterature  in South Asia and its comparison to other post-colonialliterature , War literature , Russian literature, East Asian literature, Women literature in different regions of the world, Slavery and Freedom in American literature, Impact of Dante and other writers in Italianliterature. This program will be not ignore the traditional English literature courses such as; Romantic Prose, Classic and Romantic Period, Renaissance lit, Novel, Shakespearean tragedies.

BS in Comparative Literature is a progressive program as it will provide a chance for students’ exposure to other major languages of the world including German, French and Chinese language. Along the exposure to the foreign languages students will also be given opportunities to take courses in regional languages of our country as it’s our objective that the students should be provided chances to explore literature written in their regional languages including Balochi, Balti, Pushto, Punjabi, Sindhi and Siraiki.

Program Details

4 Years

12-years of formal education with minimum 50% marks and no 3rd division in matriculation.

UMT Admission Test is required for Admission.


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