BS Statistics

Program Introduction

A branch of mathematics ‘statistics’ deals with the collection of data, analysis, presentation and interpretation. The School of Science’s (SSC) Department of Mathematics at UMT is offering a four-year BS Statistics degree program. This program has been designed according to the scheme of studies approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to assure the quality education to equalize it with national and international standards.

The Department has offered a variety of courses under the umbrella of SSC to have the benefit of a flexible curricular program. The program aims to produce quality students who are able to prepare themselves for advance studies, teaching and research in statistics as well as careers in other related disciplines. In this regard, Department of Mathematics provides them with all the possible facilities and guidance.

The BS Statistics degree provides students with a sound footing of the subject matter of statistical theory with applications and applies appropriate modeling techniques to conduct quantitative risk analysis so that they can pursue higher education and research in the field of statistics. Furthermore, the program train students in the use of statistical software and techniques of data collection and analysis, involves them in research project and helps them to develop a solid foundation for the effective operational and strategic decisions based on statistical theory and methodology in almost every discipline subsequently that students can be better trained in the field of research and can effectively compete in the job market.

Due to its vast applications in applied and social sciences, mathematics has emerged as one of the most crucial subject of modern age. Today, Mathematical languages and tools are being used for problem solving almost everywhere. Real world phenomenon has been modeled mathematically to provide assistance in every walk of life.

Program Details

4 years
  • 12 years of formal education A Level/FSc or equivalent with Mathematics
  • Matric 50% Marks (minimum)
  • Intermediate 50% Marks (minimum)
  • UMT entrance test