BS Gender Studies

Program Introduction

The department of Gender Studies at UMT is offering a 4 year BS degree program 2022 in Gender Studies. As a participant in BS in Gender Studies program, the learners are exposed to historical, social, psychological, economic and political aspects which shaped gender roles. The curriculum shows the interdisciplinary nature of gender studies. The intersectionality of gender with class, caste, race, ethnicity and sex will be focused for a better understanding of human interaction and existence. This in turn bring out the diverse nature, complexity and depth of this program and sensitize how gender is one of the basic elements of experience and how this education brings equality, understanding of discrimination and social justice into every individual’s life. The program is also committed to appreciate the equality of women, men and eunuchs in all walks of life so each gender can have equal sense of freedom. The program provides an insight of women’s diverse contribution to all areas of human development and interaction, and it provides an understanding of women's diverse contribution to the world, who are largely undermined and are ignored in patriarchal societies. With the vision to create awareness and to develop communities where both men and women can live and work in mutual respect, peace and harmony, the BS in Gender Studies program aims to create awareness among men and women regarding their social, economic, political and legal rights.
Participants of this program will be able to learn the application of Gender Studies and Feminist analyses of existing structures and traditional historical, social and cultural clichés and will be trained to analyze the variety of ways in which systems of dominance function have evolved over time, including patriarchy, sexism, racism, etc. This program aims to enable participants to think critically about gender roles that shape the personal, social, domestic, religious, political and economic worlds. It also gives them a broad perspective which helps them to explore gender identities and social interactions including the dynamics of societal power structures.

Not Offered in Spring 2020

Program Details

4 Years

F.A/ FSc Equivalent (A level/ International Baccalaureate /American High School Diploma etc) with minimum 45% marks and no 3rd division in matriculation.

50% marks in UMT entry test.