BS Business Management and Accounting - POST ADP/BA/BSC/BCOM

Program Introduction

BS Business Management & Accounting program gives students a rigorous insight into business management from both holistic as well as methodological perspective. In today’s fast-paced business environment, employers look not only for technical competencies when hiring or promoting, they also look for skilled, articulate, career-savvy and confident workers who can make a positive and long-term impact on their organization.

BS Business Management degree program is designed to inculcate all essential and latest business management concepts and practices among students, so that they can think analytically and apply their acquired knowledge innovatively in practical situations. This program is more structured than other business programs, covering the breadth of business-related disciplines such as Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, International Business, Corporate and Business Law and Information Systems.

The program has been designed to ensure that the students comprehend best practice in business and function effectively in the practical world. The course contents intend to provide the right balance between academics and real world applications which would be helpful for the students in their professional life. 

Program Details


Minimum 45% marks in annual system or 2 Cgpa in semester system and Interview.