Bachelor of Textile Marketing and Management (BTMM)

Program Introduction

Textile and clothing sector is the biggest contributor in the national economy of Pakistan. It contributes 9% to the GDP and 55% in the total export of the country. In addition to employment in production and quality control areas of textile and clothing industry, there is a vast scope in the marketing of textile products. It has been observed that marketing, merchandising, sourcing and general management personnel serving in textile industry, lack basic technical knowledge of textile manufacturing processes and products, thus, leaving a big gap in quality of marketing and management. This program is focused on producing graduates with a blend of technical, marketing and management knowledge related to textile industry which, will perform better than the personnel working in the fields with simple business education. It will also help in bridging the gap and hence, enhance the performance of the industry in the competent world market.


Program Details

4 Years

50% marks in Matriculation and Intermediate, NTS-NAT /UMT admission test with minimum 50% marks


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